Students’ Leadership


Being a day and a boarding school with a sizeable students’ population, we are appreciative of the beauty in numbers and so harness the good in each student looking at them all as unique individuals in their own way. To manage the students and run the school smoothly, the staff works with prefects at different levels. Prefects are elected through a free and fair process, from across the school and they comprise of:
• Head and Deputy head prefects
• Head and Deputy head girl
• Academic prefects
• Speakers
• Disciplinary prefect
• House prefects
• Mess prefects
• Liturgy prefects
• Sports prefects
• Sanitary prefects
• Entertainment prefects
• Furniture prefects
• Time keepers.
For a distinct look, the prefects put on post name tags to be distinct from other students.

The Roles of the Prefect Body.

Their role is to:
• To maintain discipline.
• Co-ordinate and network prefects’ responsibilities.
• Ensure that prefects do their job of instilling discipline in the general student body.
• Develop in students an attitude of patriotism and loyalty to the school.
• Ensure a good relationship between the student body and the student leaders.
• Ensure that the House Captains do their job and help them in any way possible.
• Serve as one with whom their fellow students can identify by displaying admirable qualities.
• Be aware of their behavior at all times, as they are the school’s major ambassadors.
• Present students’ concerns to the school administration.
• Meet with the Patron regularly to discuss issues, which impact the student body and the vision and direction of the school.