Co-curricular Activities.

As a family of world-class institutions, the school has a reputation for not only academic distinction but also sports excellence. This clearly reflects our quality and values that any student would benefit from the academic rigour and cutting-edge sports excellence that is undertaken by the school. Echo Hill School has a range of other classes, clubs, and activities available to students. These extra-curricular activities are voluntary for students, and they include sports, musical activities, debate, community service, religious study groups, young enterprise projects, drama, science clubs, and many others. Co-curricular activities make school life enjoyable. Like the saying goes, all work without play makes John a dull boy. How would we know that our students are talented if we only judged them against academics! An opportunity is therefore given for the to participate in various activities outside class. They are each encouraged to belong to at least one club or society. Parents too are encouraged to support their children and encourage their talent. Many times there is a temptation to think that these activities are a waste of time but some people have made it in life through talent. It is important to note that more universities are requesting evidence of co-curricular involvement along with academic transcripts to satisfy the admissions criteria of these institutions.

Houses and Activities.

There are four houses which were named after persons who have contributed to Echo hill School. All Students upon admission are placed in a house where they participate in the co-curricular activities. Among the co-curricular activities the school has;
Music, Dance and Drama,
Patriotism activities,
Wild life and Writing.
Music Dance and Drama competitions are held according to houses on an annual basis. A theme is given against which all Houses compete.
Items for competition are:
• Set piece
• Poem/Speech
• Play
• Solo (Traditional/western)
• Traditional folk songs
• Traditional folk dances
• Track songs