Studying with us is one of the greatest investments you can make in yourself. Echo Hill School offers both sciences and Arts subjects for the Advanced level, whereas the “O” level avails its students with equally all the government curriculum of education. Echo Hill School currently has a teaching staff of over 40 staff members’ full-time graduate teachers, who teach and assess students in all academic disciplines respectively. The school has a full stocked Library that makes it to handle both the New and Old Curriculum. The school is unique in size and structure today, with ground breaking opportunities that have opened up for all religions and the school respects every religion. Such anticipated twentieth-century developments have enabled us to design a school system that well suits our students.


offered at Echo Hill School.

Echo Hill School is one of the few schools offering a variety of learning areas to its Students. The School has learning areas in all the subject groups examinable by the country’s examining body- UNEB. It is an outstanding school in providing knowledge as well as skills to its students.

Sciences and Business

Physical Education.
Computer Studies.
Entrepreneurship Skills.

Humanities and Languages

Literature in English
Christian Religious Education.
Lugha ya Kiswahili.

Vocational and Technical

Building and Construction.
Metal fabrication.
Subsidiary ICT.
Clothing & Textile.
Music and Performing Arts.
Home economics and bakery.