Echo Hill School is a private secondary school found in Katubwe Village, Bbanda Parish, Wakiso District. We are one of the leading schools in Uganda with a campus providing unrivalled range of environment for educational opportunities running as Day and Boarding school for both “O” and “A” level, boys and girls mixed school. Echo Hill School is registered with the Ugandan Ministry of education and sports with a Centre number 538458. Echo Hill School is located along Hoima Road, Banda-Wakiso; 4kms from Wakiso Town, it was founded in 2019 making it one of the best schools in Uganda of this modern era.

About Echo Hill School

It is a privately owned school with a current ratio of 2:1 girls to boys. It offers general academic subjects, vocational and technical subjects, 29 in number. The school, though Church of Uganda Founded, admits students of all faiths. It provides secular education which is in line with the Uganda national goals and objectives of education. The school recognizes the changing global trends and has always organized and re-organized its curriculum to suit the needs of the changing world, aligning it with the national curriculum.

Our Vision

Grooming a creative, Educative and God fearing citizens ready to positively transform the society.

Our Core Values

The school core values include: The Fear of God, Discipline, Academics and Smartness.

Our Mission

To produce a productive and well-disciplined citizens ready to face the challenges of the world.

School Motto.


Echo Hill School charges UGX50,000 for admission letter always obtained at school. Below is a download link for admission form.”

Registration No.

Echo Hill School is registered with the Ugandan Ministry of education and sports with a Centre number 538458.

School Objectives.

To foster friendly relationships among the wide cross section of the school population.
To expose students to an extensive variety of sporting, academic and service club activities.
To instill a sense of belonging to a formal social group, while aiding the development of leadership skills and attitude among all students.
Preparing students for the wider world so that they will be able to make valuable contributions within and outside their communities.